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Welcome to Laukaa!

Hearty Laukaa

The municipality of Laukaa is located at the core of Central Finland, just north of Jyväskylä and belongs to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inland Finland. Laukaa covers an area of 825 km2 and is comprised of a dynamic centre and several picturesque, lively villages. The area provides a pleasant living environment for inhabitants of all ages.

The municipality provides good day-care services, schools, sports facilities, healthcare services and care for the elderly. Laukaa has a wide range of other public services to offer, such as the building sites and the functional network of public transportation.

The population of Laukaa is growing steadily, reaching 18.800 inhabitants by the year 2014. The main areas are the centre of Laukaa, Leppävesi, Lievestuore and Vihtavuori. In addition, there are several country villages in the Laukaa area.

In the merger of municipalities in the Jyväskylä Region in 2009, Laukaa decided to remain an independent municipality. In order to ensure a wide range of high standard municipal services, the municipality of Laukaa will continue to strengthen the collaboration with the neighbouring municipalities.

Vision 2020

Hearty Laukaa, as the area is named, is a steadily growing municipality with a country-like, heartfelt atmosphere, located in the Jyväskylä Region. Laukaa offers the inhabitants a pleasurable environment for living as well as a good service structure. In addition, the proficient people and diverse entrepreneurships are a great resource in the area. As a goal, the number of inhabitants is set to 20020 in the year 2020.

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