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Keitele Canal and fishing in Laukaa
The Kuusa, Kuhankoski and Kapeenkoski locks, located in Laukaa, are three of the five locks on the Keitele Canal. Kuusaankoski, beside the Kuusa Lock, is a famous attraction site. There you can admire the fast flowing rapid water section from the bridge crossing the river and from the route following the embankment of the canal.
In addition to Kuusaankoski, the fast flowing rapid water sections on Kuhankoski and Kapeenkoski locks are also known for their spectacular views, waterside paths and great possibilities for recreational fishing. For fishing, there are also the Simunankoski fast water rapids in Laukaa, located in the village of Simuna. Although the waterway runs through a privately owned area, fishing licenses are available.
By the Kuusa Lock there is a cafeteria, Koski-Kahvila, which is open through the summer. In the vicinity there is Varjola, a uniquely renovated and built guesthouse, where you can find a great variety of fishing and safari services along with comfortable accommodation and high-quality restaurant services, a café and a gift shop. Kuusa offers great possibilities for outdoor activities, accommodation and safari services as well as cultural events. The local theatre, Kuusan Kanavateatteri, Kuusa Canal Theatre, is active all year round giving performances in the restored building dating from the year 1914. In summer the Kuusa Canal forms a unique backdrop setting for the outdoor stage. The seating area is designed for 650 people and is covered with a canopy.
Sararanta, the guest harbour of Laukaa, is one of the most beautiful harbours on the Keitele Canal. The well-equipped guest harbour by the Saravesi Lake offers a wide variety of services for the visitors and is conveniently situated at a walking distance of the town centre. Right next to the guest harbour, there is the Rantapuisto recreational park for the whole family to enjoy.
Fishing services and licenses
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